News: Release of The Adventures of Teddy and Karl: Bedtime Stories

IFWG Publishing Australia is extremely pleased with the release of The Adventures of Teddy and Karl: Bedtime Stories, by Rolf Svensen and illustrated by Jeffery E. Doherty. This was a HUGE project, taking well over a year and scores of amazing illustrations by Jeffery. All of amazing quality. This book is specifically created to be read to the very young at bedtime:

When Karl and Teddy meet Flora the nature fairy she gives them the power to speak with the animals. What a surprise! Join Teddy and Karl in 10 stories of adventure and wonder, as they explore the bush around Karl’s farm.

Teddy and Karl’s adventures are designed to make bedtime something to look forward to and generate quality time for parents and carers with their small ones when they put them to bed.

These stories will put smiles on faces and happy dreams in hearts.

Teddy and Karl Front Cover

The title has now spidered to Amazon, and will be available in all good online bookstores in coming days and weeks. The ebooks will be released very soon. To support the author and illustrator, consider purchasing direct from our website.

Here are several of the 70+ illustrations of the 130 page, 10-story book.

3 Wombat

3 Showing Off

1 Up in the Branches

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  1. paulaboer says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! I suppose I’d better buy two so my four-year-old granddaughter doesn’t steal mine. Congrats Rolf, Jeff and IFWG!

  2. Thanks, Paula! It is indeed a wonderful work 🙂

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