Update: Peripheral Visions Limited Edition


We have just mailed out ‘Wave 2’ of the Limited Edition of Robert Hood’s Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories.

Wave 3 will be starting soon, but we still have 14 copies left that can be mailed virtually immediately – so if you are interested in buying a copy, there’s no better opportunity than now!

Remember, what you get are:

  1. A Cloth Bound version of Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories, containing 8 magnificent illustrations by Nick Stathopoulos, including a signature page, autographed by Robert Hood and Nick.
  2. This is a limited edition – only 200 will ever be produced. The signature page will be sequence-numbered.
  3. A chap-ebook will be emailed to you, containing 6 hard-to-get zombie stories by Robert, titled Haunted Flesh: Stories of the Living Dead.
  4. Along with Peripheral Visions, you will also get a bonus, signed paperback, Backstreets, a 309 page novel by Robert Hood.

All you have to do is click here, and it can be yours! (Non-Australian residents can purchase it by clicking here).



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