Update: Peripheral Visions Limited Edition

We have the signature pages at the printers, which will soon be sent to Robert Hood and Nick Stathopoulos for their signatures. We have ordered the first wave of limited edition cloth bound books, ready for the inserts at the bindery. While running a little late, we are getting there, and with a bit of luck we will be sending the Limited Edition books in a few weeks. It’s worth the wait. We will give you updates closer to the time.

Along with special bonus elements, we have also drawn the winning limited edition purchaser, who will be receiving the very special signed copies of the Shades quadrilogy. Congratulations to Michelle Goldsmith! You will receive your books in the same package with Peripheral Visions and Backstreets.

After we send the first wave of pre-ordered book packs (including emailing the bonus ebook), we will keep this offer going until we have sold 200 copies. We will soon determine the second wave of mail outs.


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