Cover Reveal: The Smoking Mirror by David Bowles

While there are a few months before the release of David Bowles’ young teen/middle grade novel, ‘The Smoking Mirror’ (Part 1 of the Garza Twins series), we are delighted to reveal the cover, artwork and design by David’s daughter, Charlene. We were delighted with Charlene’s design and its appropriateness to the target age group of this novel.



The following is a taste of what’s in store:

Carol and Johnny Garza are 12-year-old twins whose lives in a small Texas town are forever changed by their mother’s unexplained disappearance. Shipped off to relatives in Mexico by their grieving father, the twins soon learn that their mother is a nagual, a shapeshifter, and that they have inherited her powers. In order to rescue her, they will have to descend into the Aztec underworld and face the dangers that await them.

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