Introducing IFWG Publishing’s Children’s Book Catalog

IFWG Publishing is proud of its children’s line of publications. We view children’s taste in fiction as being the source of adult’s love of speculative fiction. While our Australian/UK Imprint have a strong line of kid’s fiction, we have three titles that cover a wide spectrum of subjects and themes, and each are beautifully illustrated….

News: New Look Golden Spinner

Golden Spinner, written by Jennifer R Resetar, illustrated by John Powers, and with some contribution by R. A. Knowlton, is a special book for IFWG Publishing. It isn’t just a pre-teen children’s title. It is much more. It is about standing up against school bullies. It is about self-confidence in the face of a disability….

News: Christmas Gift – Blackthorns of the Forgotten Giveaway

To celebrate the festive season, IFWG Publishing is giving away the kindle format Blackthorns of the Forgotten to the public. From Christmas Day (US time) to 29 December 2014, visit the Amazon store and download the title for free. Merry Christmas! This is a title we are very proud of. A great paranormal fantasy set…

Newsletter December 2014

Newsletter – Dec 2014 A Word From The Editor Welcome to the festive season – I can honestly say that the year has just flashed by. In the last newsletter I focused on what is in our 2015 catalog, so I will dwell on what is happening now. Firstly, I want to talk about an indefinite…

News: Buxacan Spicerunner trade paperback now available

We are very pleased with the trade paperback version of Buxacan Spicerunner, the debut novel by Warren Goodwin. It will be available in a few days in Amazon, and will spider out to all good online stores over coming weeks. In the meantime, support the author and publisher, and visit our sales page, and order…