News: Release of A Magpie Called Will

IFWG Publishing is happy to announce the release of the Australian version of A Magpie Called Will, a children’s fantasy by Western Australian author, Peter Rondel, and New Zealand illustrator, Frances Hutt.

IFWG released the US version a few years ago, when the Australian Imprint did not exist, and this new release is the final step in transitioning a few Australian-oriented titles to where they better sit. IFWG is particularly pleased that an Australian story, largely set in Australia, is finally published in the appropriate vernacular. The cover design is by the talented Elizabeth Lang of EL Design (Canada), and internal block design was handled by the very capable Geoff Brown (Cohesion Editing and Proofing).

The print and ebook versions of A Magpie Called Will will be out soon through all good online stores, but the print version can be bought now through the publisher’s website.

Front Cover A Magpie Called Will

Michael befriends a magpie that is smarter than he is. The magic of Merlin The Magician reaches across the years to the present day, and suddenly, the two worlds are joined by the magpie’s secret.

What will the boy discover behind the ancient stone archway?

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