News: IFWG Publishing Australia to publish a single volume collection of Robert Hood’s complete ghost stories

We are very pleased to announce a major release for early next year. Robert Hood, a respected and award-winning Australian horror writer will have his complete ghost story back catalogue, plus new stories, including a novella, published in a single volume collection.


We have been eager to publish a horror title ever since our imprint was launched last year, and this is a truly stellar way to get it going.

More details will be released in coming months. What we can say is that it is scheduled for early next year, probably around March 2015, and that it will first be released as a limited edition signed hardcover book. Immediately following that, the trade paperback will be published.

Hood commented: “I’m really excited about this reference volume of ghost stories, which will cover the period 1986 to 2014. Ghost stories — both traditional and unconventional — continue to spark my imagination and give me pleasurable chills. Staring into the abyss can be a lot of fun.”


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