New Chap eBook Title: Of Emus and Seahorses

Very happy to announce the release of a collection of flash fiction and short stories, in chap ebook format, Of Emus and Seahorses, by Paula Boer.

Of Emus and Seahorses cover

An emu struggles to raise his offspring and a seahorse dances with his mate before nurturing her eggs inside his pouch, two examples of males that carry the responsibility for caring for their young. From a crocodile dealing with the extremes of drought and flood, a humpback whale migrating thousands of kilometres with her calf, to a whirligig beetle escaping predatory fish, this collection of short stories provides insight to some of the challenges faced by Australia’s fascinating animals.

Paula Boer’s stories take the view of iconic Australian fauna, wrapped in scientific fact.

For only US$0.99, this short work will delight and edify you. Of Emus and Seahorses will soon be available in all good online stores, but can be bought now through the IFWG Publishing eBook Store.

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