News: New Cover for The Okapi Promise

As part of our internal improvement program, IFWG Publishing has rereleased one of its early non-speculative fiction titles: The Okapi Promise by Paula Boer. The prime change was reissuing its cover – Elizabeth Lang, of EL Design, has done a great job depicting the African safari that is central to the novel’s plot.

The Okapi Promise front cover2

The storyline reads:

A new drug that promises a cure for rabies is discovered in the heart of Africa in 1990. Two adversaries, unknown to each other, join a small tour group to gain the serum. One wants to use the cure for the good of all mankind; the other for personal glory and profit.

Amidst dramatic scenery, the nine travellers are threatened by wild animals, civil unrest and appalling conditions. The physical and emotional challenges leave none of them unchanged, but one of them won’t come out alive.

The Okapi Promise will be out in its new form in a few days, and can be purchased from all good online book stores, print and ebook formats. It can also be purchased now through IFWG’s bookstores: PRINT and EBOOK.

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