New Title: Star Quake 1 anthology

We are proud to announce the release of Star Quake 1, SQ Mag’s Best of 2012. It was a long time coming but we are excited by the quality of production, as well as the stellar group of contributing authors, including Jay Lake, Gary McMahon, Daniel I Russell and

The anthology is released in print, Kindle, NOOK Book and Kobo Book formats, and should turn up in all quality online stores over the next several days.

Full details is contained in our Current Titles page for Star Quake 1.

All post-cost profits go to author royalties and the running of SQ Mag. Worthy causes indeed.


A great big thank-you to Jeffery E Doherty for his artwork and cover design. It was his work for SQ Mag 2 (1 May 2012) that was chosen among the 5 for 2012 that got it here.

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