News: ‘Star Quake 1’ Revealed

As foreshadowed some time ago we will be publishing each year a ‘best of’ anthology of SQ Mag’s fiction.

We are pleased to reveal the title: ‘Star Quake 1, SQ Mag’s Best of 2012’.

The cover will soon be revealed, based on Jeff Doherty’s illustration of SQ Mag Edition 2 (1 May 2012), which we believe was the most impressive of the year.

The Table of Contents

  1. The Narrow Gate – Daniel Pearlman
  2. Down in the Ship Mines – Jay Lake
  3. Woman With Red Hair – Lawrence Buentello
  4. Azurewrath – Esme Carpenter
  5. Rationalised – Larry Hodges
  6. Creeper – Daniel I Russell
  7. Navigator  – Shane Ward
  8. A Debt Called In – Michael B Fletcher
  9. Nullus – Mitchell Edgeworth
  10. Masks – Stephanie Barr
  11. Toy – Gary McMahon
  12. Witness – Laura Haddock
  13. Sunflower – M K Charles
  14. CSS – Warren Goodwin
  15. Mermithergate Grin – S Marston
  16. The Observer – Hansen Hovell Holladay
  17. The Raptor and the Lion – Larry Ivkovich
  18. The Memory Eater – Holly Day
  19. Spacesuit with No Spaceman – Sergio Palumbo

We anticipate its publication within four weeks.

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