Chap eBooks

IFWG Publishing, and IFWG Publishing Australia, had a long running series of Chap eBooks that showcase the skills and talent of our stable of authors. Like the print chapbooks that originated in the Nineteenth Century, and the tradition continuing to the present day, these were special, compact editions that concentrate quality short stories, novellas/novelettes, and small collections of short fiction.

This series has now been taken over by IFWG’s Chapbook Series, focusing on poetry, micro fiction and experimental prose. For a limited time, two of the old-format chap ebooks are still available on Amazon and through our chap ebook store.

  • A Concerned Citizen (Larry Ivkovich, Urban Fantasy – set in The Sixth Precept universe)
    After serving on the Pittsburgh Police Force for twenty years, Lt. Kim Yoshima thought she had seen and heard everything. But after encountering a mysterious man with meta-acute strength, reflexes and speed, she realizes that the latest case she’s working on is much, much more than it seems. So much, in fact, that the fabric of space and time is unraveling and only she can stop it. The adventures of Kim Yoshima begin…
  • Haunted Flesh: Stories of the Living Dead (Robert Hood, Horror/Zombie Tales)
    When are dead people not ghosts? That’s easy. When they try to eat you!Haunted Flesh: Stories of the Living Dead collects six of Australian horror maestro Robert Hood’s creepiest, most outlandish tales of flesh-bound cadaver mayhem. Some tear bloodily into the tradition established by director George A. Romero with his Living Dead series of films, while others paddle in a murky pool of science-based resurrection, alien possession, undead whimsy and voodoo politics. Important questions are addressed: Does the essence of life lie in the mind or in the heart? Do the dead make good workers? When a creepy evangelist knocks on your door, what does he mean when he offers you the secret of eternal life? Should you invite zombies to a BBQ? Is the Prime Minister really dead? The answers may shock you, they may make you laugh uneasily, but either way you’ll never look at life and death the same way again.

    As a special bonus, this volume includes an important article that exposes the truth behind the zombie movie tradition!

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