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IFWG Publishing, and IFWG Publishing Australia, have a long running series of Chap eBooks that showcase the skills and talent of our stable of authors. Like the print chapbooks that originated in the Nineteenth Century, and the tradition continuing to the present day, these are special, compact editions that concentrate quality short stories, novellas/novelettes, and small collections of short fiction. We are proud of this series and the covers that embellish these ebooks – and the price is also right in our chap ebook store.

  1. Of Emus and Seahorses (Paula Boer, literary, Australian animal POV flash fiction – published through IFWG Publishing Australia)
    An emu struggles to raise his offspring and a seahorse dances with his mate before nurturing her eggs inside his pouch, two examples of males that carry the responsibility for caring for their young. From a crocodile dealing with the extremes of drought and flood, a humpback whale migrating thousands of kilometres with her calf, to a whirligig beetle escaping predatory fish, this collection of short stories provides insight to some of the challenges faced by Australia’s fascinating animals.
    book cover2
  2. Before The Fountain (Bree T. Donovan, Contemporary Fantasy)
    Before the Fountain is an Irish fairy tale, but not quite the fairy tale of remembered childhood. It evokes that same sense of wonder. This story of two life-long friends is contemporary, but still tells us a tale we know in our heart of hearts. Donovan takes us to a thoroughly modern Ireland with a tale of a kind of green knight, a man who uncovers the best in everyone he meets. Like the energy generated by a long-distance run, the energy of life can neither be created or destroyed-just as all great loves. Donovan’s story is moving and inspirational, crafted with same special narrative as her novel, Blackthornes of the Forgotten, also set in modern Ireland.
  3. Phillis P. (MF Burbaugh, Science Fiction)
    You’re a widower, retired ‘Nam vet, and eking out a living as an online mechanical consultant for troubled select vintage cars and special sports jobs. In walks a beautiful rain-soaked girl, the richest girl in the world, and asks you to marry her in exchange for all her wealth, immediately, and without giving a reason. Take it or leave it. What do you do?
  4. To The Battle Born (Geraldine Fitzsimmons, Political Thriller)
    Two similar warriors condemned by their nature. Alex seeks financial gains; with Ryan it is a desire to improve society. Once established, a true belief for something creates a powerful passion in some men that allows them to use any method to accomplish their aim. The two main characters are taken from Geraldine Fitzsimmons’ novel, Unlikely Hero.
  5. Impounded (Paula Boer, Literary – Published through IFWG Publishing Australia)
    The story of the struggle of a barramundi hatchling, bred within the fish farming industry, and escaping into the wild. A lovely short story, with evocative language from the point of view of the courageous animal.
  6. A Concerned Citizen (Larry Ivkovich, Urban Fantasy – set in The Sixth Precept universe)
    After serving on the Pittsburgh Police Force for twenty years, Lt. Kim Yoshima thought she had seen and heard everything. But after encountering a mysterious man with meta-acute strength, reflexes and speed, she realizes that the latest case she’s working on is much, much more than it seems. So much, in fact, that the fabric of space and time is unraveling and only she can stop it. The adventures of Kim Yoshima begin…
  7. Dragon Hunter (MF Burbaugh, Epic Fantasy – mature content)
    A noted historian receives a package and stumbles on a tale from the age of Dragons.
    So begins the story of David, the Dragon Hunter.On the surface it tells of David and his companions’ exploits, but more than anything else, it depicts the grittiness and courage needed to hunt drakes.
    These warriors live their lives to the fullest, one day at a time.
  8. Sunset Tales (Biola Olatunde, Horror/Supernatural/Social Commentary – West Africa)
    It is a tradition in Nigeria for stories to be told at sunset. Sometimes the stories concern the supernatural and intend to raise goosebumps.
    Biola Olatunde, poet, screenwriter and novelist, provides 6 such tales but with an added twist. Each of her stories are insightful studies of aspects of Nigerian society – superstition, sexism, predjudice. They are skillfully wrapped in tales of mystery and the supernatural, in the language of a Nigerian storyteller.
    While set in West Africa, each tale resonates with every reader from around the world.
    A collection of 6 short stories.
    Sunset Tales v1 colour
  9. Haunted Flesh: Stories of the Living Dead (Robert Hood, Horror/Zombie Tales)
    When are dead people not ghosts? That’s easy. When they try to eat you!

    Haunted Flesh: Stories of the Living Dead collects six of Australian horror maestro Robert Hood’s creepiest, most outlandish tales of flesh-bound cadaver mayhem. Some tear bloodily into the tradition established by director George A. Romero with his Living Dead series of films, while others paddle in a murky pool of science-based resurrection, alien possession, undead whimsy and voodoo politics. Important questions are addressed: Does the essence of life lie in the mind or in the heart? Do the dead make good workers? When a creepy evangelist knocks on your door, what does he mean when he offers you the secret of eternal life? Should you invite zombies to a BBQ? Is the Prime Minister really dead? The answers may shock you, they may make you laugh uneasily, but either way you’ll never look at life and death the same way again.

    As a special bonus, this volume includes an important article that exposes the truth behind the zombie movie tradition!

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