News: IFWG Publishing is now open for manuscript submissions

After a long period where we were catching up on our publishing schedule, we are pleased to announce that we have opened our pipeline for submissions. Please read our submissions page carefully, as we are only open for a short period, and we are very specific about what we want. We very much look forward to receiving your submissions.

CLICK HERE to visit our submissions page.

Newsletter – June 2014

Newsletter – June 2014

A Word From The Editor

May is now gone – nearly halfway through the year, and there is still much for IFWG Publishing/IFWG Publishing Australia to do. The Pouakai by David Sperry is going well, and we expect it to be published in the next month or so. We are also starting to ramp up the Ursus the Bear children’s book – stay tuned on that beauty. Buxacan Spicerunner will continue in earnest. Sealskin Coast and Brumbies in the Outback, as promised, are now published, and we are very happy with both titles.

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