Title: Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories

Perfect Little Stitches text option 3-2

A collection of twenty-one dark fantasy and horror stories by Deborah Sheldon.

Mysterious. Creepy. Disturbing.

– A funeral director, who steals body parts for cash, takes delivery of an unusual corpse

– The crew of a nineteenth-century fishing boat encounters an unknown but irresistible danger.

– A dog-sledder on a secret mission in Antarctica fights for his life against the monsters that have fuelled his every nightmare since the Vietnam war.

…and much more.

Winner in the Best Collected Work category in the 2017 Australian Shadows Awards.

  • Perfect Stitches and Other Stories (short story collection)
  • Author: Deborah Sheldon
  • 20 short stories, 1 novelette
  • Australian English
  • ISBN:  978-1-925496-38-3 (North America: 978-1-925496-51-2)
  • RRP: UK £17.99 AU$27.95 US$15.99 EU €15.99
  • Publisher: IFWG Publishing Australia (SQ Mag)
  • Mature Readers
  • 250 pages
  • Binding: Trade Paperback
  • Dimensions: 229mm x 152mm
  • eBook Formats: NookBook, iBook, Amazon, KoboEPUB/Mobipocket via distributor
  • Key Words: Supernatural Horror, Body Horror, Dark Fantasy
  • Publication Date: September 2017
  • Distribution: World-wide through IPG (IPG specific in North America, New South Books (partner) in Australia/New Zealand, and UID(Marsden/Eurospan) in UK/Europe)