Title: Dark Waters / Ronnie and Rita


Each story a mirror-image of the other…
A bad man trying to become good.
A good man turning bad.
Both men motivated by love.

Brendan Reilly, a.k.a. Danny Boy, is a veteran of the Overlords, an outlaw motorcycle club. A near-fatal accident leads him to an epiphany: he is determined to quit the life and reconnect with his ex-wife and son. At the same time, the Overlords are preparing for war against a rival gang, the Golden Jackals, and with Brendan’s loyalty in question, he is pushed further into the war when all he wants is a way out.

Ron Spooner is middle-aged, alone and lonely, a nobody who has mowed lawns for a living ever since he was a boy. When he meets a young drifter, Rita, they fall in love, and want nothing more than a family of their own. Too bad it isn’t possible. Or is it? What Rita asks him to do is wrong. Terribly wrong. But Ron is willing to sacrifice everything for this twisted love affair.

  • Dark Waters / Ronnie and Rita (Two novellas)
  • Author: Deborah Sheldon
  • Australian English
  • ISBN:  978-1-925496-11-6
  • RRP: AU$28.95 UK £17.99 US$15.99 EU €15.99
  • Publisher: IFWG Publishing Australia
  • Thriller: Crime
  • 260 pages – paperback   English
  • Binding: Perfect bound
  • Dimensions: 216mm x 140mm
  • eBook Formats: Amazon
  • Key Words: crime, thriller, underworld, novellas
  • Publication Date: December, 2016.
  • Distribution: (Australia/NZ) Novella Distributors; (North America) SPU/IPG; (UK/Europe) Gazelle; (elsewhere) Neilsen/Ingram