Title: Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 3

In the story that first established the monstrous cosmic terrors of his Mythos writer H. P. Lovecraft said “We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity…” 

Which makes it all the more fitting that the adepts of Lovecraft’s vision writing today would choose to unveil ever-evolving and terrible fears besetting those that live on the largest island on the planet, and force the protagonists of some startling new horror fiction tales in this book to face, indeed, not placidity, but their own black seas of infinity…and madness.

Again, some of the greatest scribes of the weird and startling from the land down under bring you brand new stories in the Lovecraftian genre, taking you from the realms of contemporary Australian cities, to the blood-soaked, post-colonial past (touching the powerful original cultures of the land), and even hinting at the disturbing future of Terra Australis.

You will fear a sunburnt country.

Tales of terror by Alan Baxter, David Conyers, Julie Ditrich, Jason Fischer, Steve Kilbey, Steven Paulsen, Steve Proposch, Alf Simpson, Cat Sparks, Maurice Xanthos. Introduction by Cat Rambo and Afterword by Jack Dann.

  • Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 3
  • Editors: Steve Proposch, Christopher Sequeira and Bryce Stevens
  • 10 short fiction pieces (Lovecraftian horror/weird), introduction by Peter Rawlik
  • Australian English
  • ISBN:  978-1-925956-61-0
  • RRP: UK £15.99 AU$29.95 US$15.99 EU €13.99
  • Publisher: IFWG Publishing Australia
  • Mature Readers
  • 248 pages
  • Binding: Trade Paperback
  • Dimensions: 229mm x 152mm
  • eBook Formats: Amazon, NookBook, iBook, Kobo, EPUB via distributor
  • Key Words: Lovecraftian, horror, weird, anthology, Australia
  • Publication Date: 1 May 2021 (30 June 2021 in North America)
  • Distribution: World-wide through IPG (IPG specific in North America, NewSouth Books (partner) in Australia/New Zealand, and UID(Marsden/Eurospan) in UK/Europe)