Two-eBook Bundle: Psi Wars! series by Vincent L. Scarsella

Kindle book buyers will now see Vincent L Scarsella‘s Psi Wars! series bundle on Amazon sites at a special price for the first two books. IFWG Publishing Australia will release the third, much-anticipated instalment in 2017. For young teenagers, or those who are young at heart, you will not be disappointed in this science fiction/fantasy adventure series!
Psi Academy Escape front cover   rpa-v9-cover-only

Escape from the Psi Academy
From the first day of his arrival at school in a wheelchair two weeks into the semester, Henry Greenberg suspects that Sebastian Drake has special powers that foils the cruel antics of the 9th grade bully, Frankie Nytz.

Henry soon befriends Sebastian and is thrilled when they are both selected to attend the Psi Academy, a special school in an underground base set up by the military to enhance the psychic powers of young teens for possible use in a war against evil psi warriors for world control.

While at the Psi Academy, Sebastian and Henry and their fellow 28 cadets are taught by its eccentric faculty how to develop their diverse innate psychic powers such as mind reading, tele-influencing, bending objects, walking through walls, remote viewing, fortune telling, conjuring wraiths, and even summoning the dead. These powers are also enhanced during the playing of competitive video games known as ‘Mind Games’.

But several weeks into the grueling curriculum, Sebastian and Henry suspect that the Psi Academy may be hiding a deep, dark secret and that the good guys running it may not be good after all and the bad guys not bad.

Return to the Psi Academy
It’s not magic, it’s real…

The war between good and evil psi warriors gets into high gear in this second installment of the Psi Wars! series with our teen heroes, Henry Greenberg and Sebastian Drake, involved in more thrilling psychic hijinks.

Having escaped The Psi Academy, Sebastian and Captain Fabian come looking for Henry to help them rescue Sebastian’s father, Colonel Peter Drake, and the others being held captive by the evil Kinsman z-Prime on Level 13 of the Psi Cave. But after teleporting inside, Henry and Sebastian are met by the unexpected and find that who they thought was bad may not be bad after all.

Their adventure takes them to The Realm Beyond The Realm—the place beyond space and time—a necessary step to enable them return the Psi Academy for a face off against the baddest of psi warriors in the most important battle of the Psi War.

Amazing psychic powers are on display—telekinesis, telepathy, tele-influencing and more—in this rip-roaring adventure where the magic of flying vans, dragon wraiths, and wolfboars become reality in a battle for the minds of ordinary men. And lurking beneath all this is Henry’s struggle over who is truly good and who is truly bad.


News: New Contract for ‘Psi Wars! Escape From The Psi Academy’ Signed

We are very pleased to announce the signing up of Psi Wars! Escape From The Psi Academy, by Vincent L. Scarsella. “This is an exciting middle grade novel for our US/International imprint – in many ways echoing Harry Potter in a science fiction/espionage setting,” stated Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG Publishing.

This title will be released in 2015. Stay tuned for more information in coming months.


After retiring in 2010 after a long career with the State of New York up in the Buffalo area as a prosecutor, attorney disciplinary counsel, and tax attorney, Vince moved with his wife, Rosanne, to Davenport in central Florida, minutes from Disney World, where he now writes and teaches at a local college.

Vince’s short stories have appeared in print magazines such as The Leading Edge, Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature, and Fictitious Force, several speculative fiction anthologies, as well as many online zines.  His short story, ‘The Cards of Unknown Players’, was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.  Vince’s debut crime novel, The Anonymous Man, was published in May 2013, and a second crime novel, Lawyers Gone Bad, is due for release at the end of 2014. His complete publishing credits can be viewed at

Vince and Rosanne have three children, Derek, Kristyn and Vincent, and five beautiful grandchildren.