Future Project: Evyntyde Roleplaying

IFWG Publishing Australia is planning to release an ongoing series of tabletop roleplaying books centred around the Evyntyde Roleplaying System.

Evyntyde Roleplaying has existed since the 1980s in Australia, in a period and region of great roleplaying experimentation, supported by a proliferation of gaming conventions. The Evyntyde fantasy world, then produced by Lighthouse Games, had almost a cult following and the designers were keen on publishing the game universe in the form of gaming modules, as well as its unique system of play. This was not to be, and after a very long hiatus, IFWG Publishing will soon resurrect this special system, and in future iterations, gaming scenarios and other reference guides. Additionally, the system is well suited to any genre and world setting, and other reference books are planned to cater for players that way inclined. The sky is the limit.

Key designers of the original system, Gerry Huntman and Stephen McCracken, are now part of the Evyntyde Roleplaying design team, along with others that will be revealed in the near future.

Stay tuned as we provide further information about our publications.