Discount offer to C3 Attendees

IFWG Publishing is pleased to offer you, attendees at the C3 Con, a massively discounted price for one of our anthologies, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Was Not, edited by Christopher Sequeira.

Sherlock Holmes truly trusted but one person – Doctor John H. Watson – but in an ocean of infinite realities it must be possible that in some of them Holmes’ fellow tenant at 221B Baker Street could be some other doctor, from any page of history or the annals of literature!

Come with us now as we peer into the bizarre and sometimes terrifying fates that await the Master Sleuth when his cases, his reputation, and his very fate rests in the hands, or claws, of some very different medicos!

Nancy Holder has contributed a story (‘The Adventure of the Madman’), alongside a selection of stories by other Holmesian/Speculative Fiction aficionados.

We are offering you to purchase this book at virtually cost to us. Click the following link to purchase: US$14.00 including shipping. Once purchased, it will take a week or two to arrive.

You are welcome to browse our other titles via our main page (you will be linked to our Australian page, where all our titles are available in the US/Canada).