Artist/Illustrator: Luke Spooner


Luke Spooner / Carrion House is an artist and illustrator living in the South of England.

Luke has a First Class degree in illustration from the University of Portsmouth and his current projects and commissions include illustrations and covers for books, magazines, graphic novels, books aimed at children, conceptual design and business branding.

Recent projects have included stories by Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker as part of ‘Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories’ and ‘Behold: Oddities Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders,’ both released through Crystal Lake Publishing, as well as two stories by Stephen King; one through ‘You, Human,’ released through Dark Regions Press and another through ‘Gamut Magazine.’

Luke has provided artwork and design to IFWG Publishing International, IFWG Publishing Australia, and SQ Mag ezine.

More examples of the Carrion House style of illustration can be found at


Some of Luke Spooner’s art: