Title: Port Buxaca

front cover port buxaca

Sako Pizi has been very busy. He’s fought off or eluded every warship he’s encountered, and taken or looted every cargo runner he’s seen. He took a company slaverunner from Chains and Clavvish Enterprises, and neither crew nor cargo have been seen since. He looted the Northern Trading Company’s colony of Stafa and burned it to the ground. He held Sevulian Lord Arvin’s children for ransom, and did the same to Falero, the nephew of the  Jono Queen. He’s currently sailing in an Alarfaji vessel, and he killed one of their princes to get it.

The authorities in Sevulia and the Republic of Agresia want to see him hang. The Tayan Navy wants his head.  A noble in Jonos wants to remove another part of his anatomy. And the Alarfaji are on the way south, looking for answers concerning their prince.

A cautious sailor of enterprise might just sail for parts unknown to wait for the heat to die down. But Sako has never been cautious…

  • Port Buxaca (book 2 of the Buxacan Spicerunner series)
  • Author: Warren Goodwin
  • ISBN:  978-0-9945229-1-7
  • RRP: $16.99 US
  • Publisher: IFWG Publishing International
  • Fantasy (pirate adventure)
  • Adult
  • 404 pages – paperback   English
  • Binding: Perfect bound
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 9″
  • eBook Formats: Kindle, NOOK Book, Apple iBook, Kobo Book
  • Key Words:  Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Swashbuckling, Pirates
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Distribution: North America – IPG/SPU

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