News: New Release – The Smoking Mirror by David Bowles


IFWG Publishing has been waiting in anticipation for this, and it is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the fantasy novel, The Smoking Mirror, by David Bowles. “This is an important release for us,” IFWG Managing Director, Gerry Huntman, stated, “as this is our first young teen/YA release to the US market. We have other titles targeted for UK/Australian/New Zealand readers, but there was a great big hole in our US market. This fills it admirably.”

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Cover Reveal: The Smoking Mirror by David Bowles

While there are a few months before the release of David Bowles’ young teen/middle grade novel, ‘The Smoking Mirror’ (Part 1 of the Garza Twins series), we are delighted to reveal the cover, artwork and design by David’s daughter, Charlene. We were delighted with Charlene’s design and its appropriateness to the target age group of this novel.



The following is a taste of what’s in store:

Carol and Johnny Garza are 12-year-old twins whose lives in a small Texas town are forever changed by their mother’s unexplained disappearance. Shipped off to relatives in Mexico by their grieving father, the twins soon learn that their mother is a nagual, a shapeshifter, and that they have inherited her powers. In order to rescue her, they will have to descend into the Aztec underworld and face the dangers that await them.

News: New Contract for ‘The Smoking Mirror’ Signed

We are pleased to announce the signing up of The Smoking Mirror, by David Bowles. “This will add to our middle grade and young adult catalog – particularly in our US/International imprint – and it is a worthy addition indeed,” stated Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG Publishing.

We are expecting this title to be released early in the second quarter of 2015. Stay tuned for more information about the forthcoming book in coming months.

photo david bowles

Raised in an ethnically diverse family in south Texas, David Bowles spends most of his days writing, researching, and teaching at a local university. Bowles is author of several books, including Shattering and Bricolage, Creature FeatureMexican Bestiary, and Flower, Song, Dance: Aztec and Mayan Poetry, which was awarded the 2014 Soeurette Diehl Frasier Award for Best Translation by the Texas Institute of Letters. His work has appeared in multiple magazines, including Translation Review, Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas, Rattle, Concho River Review, Huizache, Texas Poetry Calendar, Interstice, Out of the Gutter, Eye to the Telescope, SQ Mag, James Gunn’s Ad Astra, Red River Review, Ilya’s Honey, and BorderSenses.