Illustrator: Jeffery E Doherty

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Jeffery E Doherty is a writer and illustrator, with a strong relationship with IFWG Publishing. He has published Paper Magic, a children’s story, with our cousins in IFWG Publishing Australia, and has provided illustrations for several covers for IFWG Publishing/IFWG Publishing Australia and SQ Mag. Many of his sketches graces the permanent pages of SQ Mag.

This is how he describes his art work:

I think drawing and painting comes a close second in the special things category. I have been an artist for a long time but I have only recently started doing illustrations for children’s books. You might think being an artist and illustrator is basically the same thing but it’s not. Illustrating, like writing is all about telling a story. I have been lucky enough to find a publisher who has allowed me to not only create the illustrations for my upcoming book Paper Magic, but also let me design the cover art for the book too. Usually the writer gets very little say in a books artwork.

I work in watercolours, oils, acrylics, pastels and digitally, using a stylus and graphics tablet to paint. I’m a member of the Bathurst Arts Trail and open my Studio-Gallery to the public on the first weekend of each month.

Rectangular canvases can get a little boring, so I’ve painted on satin, velvet, gum and silver birch leaves as well as odd shaped pieces of rock. It makes planning the composition much more of a challenge.

His website can be found at

Loria Cover
Loria Front Cover

Star Quake 1 anthology Cover


SQ Mag 2 Cover Art (the basis for Star Quake 1)
Edition 2 Cover - Gothic Angel by Jeffery Doherty

SQ Mag 8 Special Edition Cover Art
SQ Mag 8 Cover

Paper Magic Cover

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