Illustrator: Isaiah Stephens

photo isaiah stephens

Isaiah created the haunting illustration for Geri Fitzsimmons and Andy Stephenson’s The Devil Came East as well as the intriguing, dark scene in Larry Ivkovich’s The Sixth Precept.

Born in the Artistic city of Lowell , Ma in 1988, from the age of 5, Isaiah spent a great portion of his youth in the rural town of Raeford, NC until 2005 when he returned to his birthplace.

Having a tumultuous relationship with his adopted guardian, he turned to drawing and writing as outlets to express himself. Now he is content with writing and drawing all the time.

He lives in his hometown now and works as an amateur freelance artist and story writer . His artistic icons are Greg Horn, J. Scott Campbell, Randy Green and Chuck Close.

Sketchy yet realistic is the style he like to play with. A gallery of his works can be found at

Other Links:

The Devil Came East Cover Art

The Sixth Precept Cover Art

Examples of Isaiah Stephens’ work (all copyright Isaiah Stephens):

spheredrawing_sample_isaiah stephens

liztaylordrawing_isaiah stephens

braiddrawing_isaiah stephens

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