Illustrator: Ioanny Dimov

ioanny photo

Ioanny is one of our earlier partners in publishing, and while his cover of SQ Magazine #2 (below) was his first exposure of IFWG work, he has also worked hard illustrating a fabulous chldren’s book, Constellation Station (Gary Alexander Azerier, author). His work has also graced the first edition of the successor publication to SQ Magazine, SQ Mag, and the first edition cover of a paranormal novel, Blackthornes of the Forgotten, by Bree Donovan.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1985, and immigrating to the United States at a young age with his parents, Ioanny currently resides in San Francisco finishing up his illustration degree and working.

He is an illustrator and concept artist who found his inspiration in science fiction and fantasy at a young age.

Starting his academic career as an industrial designer he later found that illustration was his calling. His partial education as an industrial designer gives him an edge in designing futuristic space ships and technology.

A gallery of his works can be found at

SQ Magazine #2 Cover

Constellation Station Cover (first edition)

Constellation Station Cover (second edition)
Constellation Station Front Cover 2014

SQ Mag 1 eZine Cover
Edition 1 Cover small

Examples of Ioanny Dimov’s work (all copyright Ioanny Dimov):

FCFINAL_Dimov golden wings_dimov Interceptor early action shot_dimov YaniInspired

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