Author: Warren Goodwin

Warren has been an airframe and powerplant technician for over twenty years, with inspection authorization since 2007. Before that, he assembled crab traps, has been a short-order cook, driven forklift, taxi, and limo, and has worked in retail, landscaping, construction and auto detailing. He’s served in both the Navy and the Army, with duty stations in Korea, the Middle East and all over the US.

Warren has a BA in political science from Rutgers, where he also met his wife, a very patient woman. They live near the shore in New Jersey with their two sons.

IFWG Publishing has published Geoff Warren’s debut novel, Buxacan Spicerunner, a fantasy/pirate adventure. The sequel, Port Buxaca, will be published late in 2015.

BookCover6x9_Cream_410 Front cropped-3

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