Author: Geri Fitzsimmons and Andy Stephenson

Andy Stephenson, forced to write a poem in the second grade, froze in front of the class, unable to speak, when expected to recite it. Thus began his writing career. To impress a high school girl, he began writing more poetry and was first published in 1970. He’s been published many times in spurts in small periodicals. Writing mostly songs over the years, in 2005 he changed his creative efforts to stories, novellas, and novels. October 2007, he produced and self-published, ‘One More Time, America’, containing twenty-one songs he’d written or co-written.

In February 2008, he teamed up with Geri Fitzsimmons to write The Devil Came East, his first completed novel. He loves to co-write and to encourage others to strive for their dreams.

He is owned by and resides with five cats in Norman, Oklahoma, his favorite city, pursuing his creative interests.

Geri Fitzsimmons writes solo as Geraldine Fitzsimmons

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