Newsletter December 2014

Newsletter – Dec 2014

A Word From The Editor

Welcome to the festive season – I can honestly say that the year has just flashed by.

In the last newsletter I focused on what is in our 2015 catalog, so I will dwell on what is happening now.

Firstly, I want to talk about an indefinite ‘series’ that IFWG is running, and has run for a few years now. We call it the ‘IFWG Chap-eBook’ series, and it has two purposes (and consequently, constraints).

  • We want to showcase our authors in as many ways as possible, and one such mode is to provide them with the option of publishing a short work (typically less than 20k, often less than 10k). Sometimes it might be a novelette or small novella that is often hard to find an appropriate market, and on other occasions it might be a long short story, or a set of short stories. Sometimes these stories are set in the same world (and/or with the same characters), as the authors’ published novels with us. Either way, we are always delighted to publish these ‘virtual penny dreadfuls’, and offering them in ebook format only, and at very good prices.
  • Secondly, we are a small publisher and in some cases we cannot keep up with the demand of some of our authors. While only a token gesture, we see these chap-ebooks as a real opportunity to keep our authors active in IFWG’s catalogue.

As a result of the two purposes outlined above, we restrict our chap-ebook series to our current authors, and we are never open for submissions beyond our stable of writers.

A few weeks ago we published the 8th instalment of the chap-ebook series, a set of 6 haunting short stories by Biola Olatunde, our most distant writer – she lives in Nigeria. As is the case with her two novels, Numen Yeye and Blood Contract, Sunset Tales entertains readers with well-spun stories, and at the same time digs deep into Nigerian society and reveals the good and the ugly. It is always honest, and often tragic, and yet at there are also moments of mirth. What I particularly like about Biola’s stories is that her work is spun in the English idiom of her homeland. I would recommend this small collection to anyone who is interested in haunting tales, or would like an insight into modern Nigerian society. You can find Sunset Tales, and the other 7 chap-ebooks published so far, in our chap-ebook store.

I am over the moon with our newest title release, Buxacan Spicerunner, by Warren Goodwin – his debut novel, but not new to publishing short fiction. This publication has been long in the coming, and its sequel, Port Buxaca, will be released late in 2015 – I know that those who read the first book will want to get their hands on the second.

Buxacan Spicerunner has many endearing qualities, some of which are fairly unique. Warren’s knowledge of the the Age of Sail, and piracy in particular, is eloquently, and evocatively portrayed in this swashbuckling adventure, and yet he has chosen to set the story in a fictitious, fantasy world. This was a clever decision, as he was able to expand the presence of pirate society in a vast sea dotted with a myriad of islands and coastal ports, as well as various societies who resist the looting and pillaging. And yet, this is not a classical fantasy story – there are hints of sea monsters, but nothing by way of exotic races, magic, or the like. Power lies in cannon, cutlass and pistols, and the skills of sailing the tumultuous seas. The cover of this book is magical – perfectly capturing the spirit of the novel – I want to thank Jeffery Doherty for a sterling job, both in terms of the art as well as the cover design.

I would recommend to anyone who loves seafaring or pirate adventures, in the vein of Errol Flynn, Burt Lancaster, and Johnny Depp, to purchase Buxacan Spicerunner, and get lost in the Buxacan Sea.

I hope that you all have a joyous and safe holiday season and I look forward to giving you more exciting news in 2015.

Gerry Huntman
Managing Director IFWG Publishing



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One Final Word…

It’s wonderful to finally see Buxacan Spicerunner out for you lovely people. I love a good pirate yarn and I’ve been waiting ages for it – you should grab a copy as soon as you physically can.

That’s it from us for another year. It’s been a really busy year for us. I hope you enjoy all of the great fiction we’ve produced and we look forward to giving you more next year. Keep safe this festive season!

If you need anything, e-mail me at

 Good luck, fellow writers! See you in a month!

Esme Carpenter

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