Newsletter October 2014

Newsletter – Oct 2014

A Word From The Editor We are already in the last quarter of 2014, with a lot accomplished, but a fair number of new titles still in the works. They are all on schedule. Along with our previously announced signing of ‘The Smoking Mirror‘ by Texas-based author, David Bowles, we have also signed on ‘Psi Wars: Escape From The Psi Academy’ by Vincent L. Scarsella, ‘The Gate at Lake Drive‘ by Shaun Meeks, and our Australian imprint signing, ‘Brave’s Journey‘ by New Zealander, Jan M Goldie. We have one or two signings for our Australian imprint to complete, but all in all, we have a wonderful, fresh and varied set of titles for both our imprints in 2015. Just a final administrative matter. Over the past 12 months both imprints of IFWG Publishing have been transitioned to a new headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. While most of the transition arrangements have been behind the scenes and completed early, such as the creation of the second imprint and the republishing of a few titles in the Australian/British vernacular, we have made two changes that will mildly impact some groups of people. Firstly, we have had to change all our email addresses – all our email, newsletters and other media platforms should already reflect them. If you have an interest in updating the addresses, the listing is in this newsletter, below. Secondly, a number of our print titles (US imprint), have had to be moved to a new printer account, forcing us to change their ISBNs. If you have recorded IFWG ISBNs for any reason (or have links to online bookstores), you might want to test them, and update them. No books have been withdrawn – some have simply been moved. I look forward to announcing new releases next month.   Gerry Huntman Managing Director IFWG Publishing/IFWG Publishing Australia Publisher, SQ Mag

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