Newsletter August 2014

Newsletter – Aug 2014

A Word From The Editor

After a lot of scrambling with restructuring and the related activities, we have three new releases for this month:

Esme Carpenter‘s Against The Elements has just been released in a UK Edition, and given the opportunity to improve the cover (stunning in fact – thanks to EL Designs), and some refining, including bringing it back to its intended form of English (UK), we decided to cease the International version. In all seriousness, I believe North American and Antipodean readers will love the story as much in the British idiom. The title is now published under IFWG Publishing Australia’s logo. The original cover design was by Laura Clements, a talented designer who did an excellent job with the cover. We decided to make a new cover for the UK release, which is appropriate when there is this level of change involved, and while the original prominent depiction of the four elements was vivid and attractive, we wanted a depiction of the main protagonist of the story in the new version. In respect to Laura’s great work, we have retained the elemental symbol in 3D form on the rear cover, and she deserves a place on IFWG Publishing Australia’s website as one of our designers.

Star Quake 2, the second ‘best of’ anthology of SQ Mag, is only days away from release. We had terrific success with Star Quake 1, and as SQ Mag grows in popularity and quality of original speculative fiction, the anthology tracks the same growth. It is hard to knock back an anthology with writers such as Cat Rambo, Cat Sparks, Emma Newman, and Tonia Brown, to name a few. On top of that, we have chosen for the cover design Steve Santiago’s amazing art for issue 11. I’m sure you agree it is of the highest calibre.

Finally, we will also in coming days be publishing David Sperry’s The Pouakai, a science-fiction adventure set in contemporary times, in the Pacific Islands. David is well researched in his debut novel, as he lives in Hawaii and is a major airline pilot. An alien invasion story with a difference, very personal in narrative. We love it, and we know you will too. Again, we have one of our ‘big gun’ illustrators involved in the jacket design, in this case it is Jeffery Doherty (on loan from IFWG Australia to the International imprint), with an impressive Pacific island scene, along with aliens, submarines, and a SEAL team, all in action.

I heartily recommend that you, our reader, consider acquiring one or more of these titles. We have provided something for everyone – speculative fiction short fiction, science fiction adventure, and young teen to adult epic fantasy. What more can you want?

Gerry Huntman
Managing Director
IFWG Publishing/IFWG Publishing Australia
Publisher, SQ Mag




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New Titles

Pouakai front BookCover

Science fiction adventure The Pouakai by David Sperry


UK English edition of Against the Elements, a teen fantasy by Esme Carpenter

ISBN-10: 0615592112



Star Quake 2, SQ Mag’s best of 2013


Sealskin Coast Front Cover

Sealskin Coast by Rowena Evans, exciting children’s book!

ISBN-10: 1925148025


Brumbies in the Outback, the fourth in the series by Paula Boer

ISBN-10: 1925148319

ASIN: B00KH07Y16


New Covers

IFWG Publishing is in the process of revamping the covers of previous titles. Here is this month’s run…

Sixth Precept cover smaller

Submission Notices

  1. IFWG Publishing is CLOSED
  2. IFWG Publishing Australia CLOSED
  3. SQ Mag opened for general submissions on 1 January 2014.

One Final Word…

Well, submissions are closed and we have some amazing pieces of fiction in the pipeline. Thanks to all who sent their work for consideration.

Also I’m chuffed to bits about the re-release of Against the Elements and its beautiful new cover. Have a look at the catalogue and see if there’s anything there you fancy!

If you need anything, e-mail me at

 Good luck, fellow writers! See you in a month!

Esme Carpenter

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