News: Star Quake 1 and Star Quake 2 Special Deal

With the release of Star Quake 2, and now having a real, tangible series on our hands, we thought we’d celebrate by offering the two books at a great discount. Click on either image and you will be taken to the special offer page.   

News: New Contract for ‘The Smoking Mirror’ Signed

We are pleased to announce the signing up of The Smoking Mirror, by David Bowles. “This will add to our middle grade and young adult catalog – particularly in our US/International imprint – and it is a worthy addition indeed,” stated Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG Publishing. We are expecting this title to be…

News: Star Quake 2 Is Now Published

  Star Quake 2, the second ‘best of SQ Mag’ annual anthology is now released in Amazon, Kobo and can be bought in EPUB and Kindle-compatible formats through our web site. Other fine online ebook retailers will shortly follow suit. Additionally, the print version will be available over the next few days.

Sneek Peek: The Pouakai Cover

We love it when we near the release of a new title. It is with pleasure that we reveal the cover of The Pouakai, a science fiction adventure novel by David Sperry.   The print and ebook versions will be out in a matter of days. We can thank Jeffery E Doherty for his great…

Sneek Peek: Cover and TOC reveal of Star Quake 2

Over here in IFWG Publishing Australia, we are excited about the imminent release of Star Quake 2, our second annual ‘best of SQ Mag’ anthology. A particular highlight is the cover. Our practice – and now it is a tradition – is to pick one of the best suited SQ Mag covers of the same…

News: Against The Elements paperback now available

The release of Against the Elements, by Esme Carpenter, has now been completed. This wonderful fantasy tale for young teens to adults, is now available in paperback. It will take a few days to spider to online retailers, but you can always wander to our store page.

News: Against The Elements now available in all good ebook stores

The release of Against the Elements, by Esme Carpenter, has been materially completed for ebooks. The most notable locations are: Our own ebook store (where no third parties take their slices) Barnes and Noble Amazon (any geography) Kobo Smashwords Apple iTunes

News: The Pouakai by David Sperry will be released soon

We are excited by the science fiction adventure novel, set in the Pacific Islands, The Pouakai, coming out in just a matter of a week or two. David Sperry knows the islands, as he lives in Hawaii, and is well travelled (being an airline pilot helps there). He also knows how to spin a yarn….

News: Against The Elements UK Edition Cover Reveal

In only a week or so, IFWG Publishing Australia will be releasing the UK Edition of Esme Carpenter’s juvenile fantasy, Against the Elements. To give you a taste of what’s coming, here is the latest draft of the new cover, a wonderful work by Elizabeth Lang of EL Design.