News: New Contract for ‘The Smoking Mirror’ Signed

We are pleased to announce the signing up of The Smoking Mirror, by David Bowles. “This will add to our middle grade and young adult catalog – particularly in our US/International imprint – and it is a worthy addition indeed,” stated Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG Publishing.

We are expecting this title to be released early in the second quarter of 2015. Stay tuned for more information about the forthcoming book in coming months.

photo david bowles

Raised in an ethnically diverse family in south Texas, David Bowles spends most of his days writing, researching, and teaching at a local university. Bowles is author of several books, including Shattering and Bricolage, Creature FeatureMexican Bestiary, and Flower, Song, Dance: Aztec and Mayan Poetry, which was awarded the 2014 Soeurette Diehl Frasier Award for Best Translation by the Texas Institute of Letters. His work has appeared in multiple magazines, including Translation Review, Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas, Rattle, Concho River Review, Huizache, Texas Poetry Calendar, Interstice, Out of the Gutter, Eye to the Telescope, SQ Mag, James Gunn’s Ad Astra, Red River Review, Ilya’s Honey, and BorderSenses.

Newsletter August 2014

Newsletter – Aug 2014

A Word From The Editor

After a lot of scrambling with restructuring and the related activities, we have three new releases for this month:

Esme Carpenter‘s Against The Elements has just been released in a UK Edition, and given the opportunity to improve the cover (stunning in fact – thanks to EL Designs), and some refining, including bringing it back to its intended form of English (UK), we decided to cease the International version. In all seriousness, I believe North American and Antipodean readers will love the story as much in the British idiom. The title is now published under IFWG Publishing Australia’s logo. The original cover design was by Laura Clements, a talented designer who did an excellent job with the cover. We decided to make a new cover for the UK release, which is appropriate when there is this level of change involved, and while the original prominent depiction of the four elements was vivid and attractive, we wanted a depiction of the main protagonist of the story in the new version. In respect to Laura’s great work, we have retained the elemental symbol in 3D form on the rear cover, and she deserves a place on IFWG Publishing Australia’s website as one of our designers.

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News: The Pouakai by David Sperry will be released soon

We are excited by the science fiction adventure novel, set in the Pacific Islands, The Pouakai, coming out in just a matter of a week or two. David Sperry knows the islands, as he lives in Hawaii, and is well travelled (being an airline pilot helps there). He also knows how to spin a yarn. Here’s the back cover blurb:

When pilot Mark Boone is attacked by an aggressive new species while flying across the Pacific, he is forced to crash land on a remote tropical island. Working to save those in his care, he learns what life alongside these creatures entails. The Pouakai’s expansion into Hawaii makes their invasion personal and Boonie must find out the truth about what they want and where they come from. Accompanying an expedition deep into the equatorial home of these destructive organisms, he knows time is running out. If his mission fails, human life on earth may never recover.

Sounds good? Steven Spielbergish. Michael Crichtonish.

Also, we have Jeffery Doherty on loan from IFWG Publishing Australia doing the cover – and what we have seen so far is spectacular!.

Stay tuned – the cover reveal will be next.