Newsletter – February 2014

Newsletter – Feb 2014

A Word From The Editor

January has passed and IFWG Publishing/IFWG Publishing Australia has been productive.

We published Golden Spinner, written by Jennifer R Resetar with some co-writing by R.A. Knowlton, and wonderful illustrations by John Powers. This work has an interesting history. A few years ago we published a title called Whirl Wind, a super-hero story about a boy who has a disability and discovers he has super powers. He starts to right wrongs in his city of Atlanta, and also helps sort out bullying in his school. A sub-theme of this story was that his super powers were not key in the stopping of bullying, rather, his strength of conviction and understanding. This book had to be retired because we discovered that there were copyright issues with the super hero’s name (totally unintentional, and a reflection of our litigious times). This gave us all an opportunity to improve on this work, and we didn’t know it at the time, a virtually new book emerged. Books in fact.

Golden Spinner is a vastly improved version of Whirl Wind, and in fact contains two children’s story. The super hero elements are now a backdrop, not the main thrust of the stories, and its focus is entirely on bullying. This is a topical subject in society today and it often leads to tragic consequences. We are very happy indeed to support the production of a title that contributes to reducing bullying in our world, and in particular the school environment. The presentation of the book (cover and illustrations) are reminiscent of comic-book super hero stories, which is intentional – it makes the story easier to read and more attractive to the 11 to 14 year target group. It has very clear messages for children, and has something to say to parents. We hope you all can spread the word on this title.

Continuing our support for our authors, we published the seventh in our Chap-eBook series in January, Dragon Hunter, by MF Burbaugh. A great short story, saucy-but-nice, full of epic fantasy.

There are three projects coming to a conclusion soon, keeping us busy.

In IFWG Publishing (US/International), we are closing the editing of The Pouakai, a science fiction thriller by David Sperry. We acquired the services of the great illustrator, Steve Santiago, for the cover art.

For IFWG Publishing Australia, we are currently editing Sealskin Coast by author and illustrator, Rowena Evans. This older children’s story is beautifully written and the artwork (cover, internal and highlighting fonts) are interpreted in art deco style. This is one to watch, if not for the story, then the great artwork and cover. In only a matter of weeks we will begin editing the fourth book in the five-part Brumbies Series, Brumbies in the Outback. We anticipate its release in May/June (and the final instalment late in 2014). We all know how wonderful the covers are for the first three books, and Elizabeth Lang will be continuing her great work with this title.

We have continued to slowly, but surely, create new covers for some of our older titles. So far, we have ‘revamped’ Circle of Seven by MF Burbaugh, The Okapi Promise by Paula Boer, Blood Contract by Biola Olatunde, and A Magpie Called Will by Peter Rondel and illustrated by Frances Hutt. Thanks again to Elizabeth Lang for some sterling work over recent months!

That’s all for now. Next month I will outline some other new titles forthcoming this year.

Gerry Huntman
Managing Director
IFWG Publishing/IFWG Publishing Australia
Publisher, SQ Mag



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New Titles

Sea Lily Front Cover

Brilliant children’s book Sea Lily.

ISBN:  978-0-9923654-0-0

front cover

Science fiction teen adventure The Infinity Trap.

ISBN:  978-0-9923654-1-7

GS Front Cover

An exciting children’s adventure story about stopping bullying.

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Mature fantasy short by M.F. Burbaugh.

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New Covers

IFWG Publishing is in the process of revamping the covers of previous titles. Here is this month’s run…

Circle of Seven reboot front cover

Front Cover Blood Contract 2

The Okapi Promise front cover2

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Submission Notices

  1. IFWG Publishing is closed until March/April 2014
  2. IFWG Publishing Australia closed until March/April 2014, but there will be an anthology call
  3. SQ Mag opened for general submissions on 1 January 2014.
  4. The Australiana Themed SQ Mag edition will close early in 2014 when the quota is reached.

One Final Word…

I hope all of our readers had a restful beginning to the year and were not too affected by the Polar Vortex (there’s a sci-fi story in there somewhere…). We’ve got a lot going on here – make sure you check out the store to see what’s happening.

If you need anything, e-mail me at

 Good luck, fellow writers! See you in a month!

Esme Carpenter

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