News: New Cover for The Okapi Promise

As part of our internal improvement program, IFWG Publishing has rereleased one of its early non-speculative fiction titles: The Okapi Promise by Paula Boer. The prime change was reissuing its cover – Elizabeth Lang, of EL Design, has done a great job depicting the African safari that is central to the novel’s plot.

The Okapi Promise front cover2

The storyline reads:

A new drug that promises a cure for rabies is discovered in the heart of Africa in 1990. Two adversaries, unknown to each other, join a small tour group to gain the serum. One wants to use the cure for the good of all mankind; the other for personal glory and profit.

Amidst dramatic scenery, the nine travellers are threatened by wild animals, civil unrest and appalling conditions. The physical and emotional challenges leave none of them unchanged, but one of them won’t come out alive.

The Okapi Promise will be out in its new form in a few days, and can be purchased from all good online book stores, print and ebook formats. It can also be purchased now through IFWG’s bookstores: PRINT and EBOOK.

News: IFWG Publishing Change of Directorship

It is with some sadness that we announce the resignation of R.A. Knowlton from his Managing Director position with IFWG Publishing. The reasons are cited as personal. Randy was the drive behind the formation of the company and the bulwark for its developmental years. We would not exist without him, and we would not be here now if it wasn’t for his enthusiasm and courage.

Gerry Huntman, Chief Editor of IFWG Publishing, and Managing Director of the Australian operations, will now take on the Managing Director role. He will retain existing roles alongside this new challenge. No doubt there will be further changes in the future, and we will keep you abreast of them, as they occur.

We wish Randy, and his family, all the best, and no doubt we will hear more from him in the future.

News: New Children’s Book: Sea Lily by Brooke Breazeale

We are pleased to announce the release of Sea Lily, a delightful children’s book, written by Brooke Breazeale and wonderfully illustrated by David I Faust. It is in full colour.

Sea Lily Front Cover

Ella Elizabeth is a spirited nine year old. One rainy afternoon, her world is turned around. She is pulled into a world below the surface of the sea and sees amazing things that she only had previously read about.

Ella Elizabeth meets Tearuslee, a mermaid servant. Together, they set off to find a rare flower called the Sea Lily to help rescue Tearuslee’s people. They team up with two fabulous sea creatures and set off to find the mysterious flower.

Although there are many trials, will Ella Elizabeth and her friends find the flower in time?

The title should be available in all good online stores in the next few days, and can NOW be purchased direct (including wholesale by retailers) from IFWG Publishing.

News: New Cover for Circle of Seven

As part of our internal improvement program, IFWG Publishing has rereleased one of its early fantasy fiction titles: Circle of Seven by MF Burbaugh. The key change was improving its cover – Elizabeth Lang, of EL Design, has done a great job capturing one of the exciting scenes of the novel, and portraying the youth and power of the very young female protagonist.

Circle of Seven reboot front cover

Circle of Seven is a delightful story, and don’t be fooled thinking this is a novel for children or young adults. It isn’t, although young adults would no doubt enjoy it. The protagonist is a child but she is caught up in some of the horrors of life, and the politics and war on a fantastical planet. It starts as a science fiction, but it quickly, inexorably transforms into a heroic fantasy. This is a unique tale, and worth reading.

The storyline reads:

After being kidnapped by pirates, a young earth girl, Myra, finds herself on a strange planet full of magic, hate, and ancient prophesies. Befriended by a Dwarf Princess, she struggles to understand her environment or die.

War looms on the horizon as Elves, Dwarfs, Dragons, and others face the reality of an ancient judgment to come.

This is the story of pirates, death, war, magic, and ancient prophesies. Myra may hold the key to their planet’s destiny in her tiny hands as she struggles to fulfill the ancient writings and stay alive.

Circle of Seven will be out in its new form in a few days, and can be purchased from all good online book stores, print and ebook formats. It can also be purchased now through IFWG’s bookstores: PRINT and EBOOK.

News: New Cover for Blood Contract

As part of our internal improvement program, IFWG Publishing has rereleased one of its favorite non-speculative fiction titles: Blood Contract by Biola Olatunde. One key change was improving its cover – we believe Elizabeth Lang, of EL Design, has done a great job capturing the spirit and intent of the novel.

Front Cover Blood Contract 2

Biola Olatunde’s novels, whether they are speculative or not, hit at the heart of Nigeria’s culture, challenges, and virtues. She has the rare ability to combine social commentary with entertaining adventure. She proudly writes in Nigerian English, and IFWG Publishing has worked hard to balance this idiom with Western readability. A magical combination; a unique voice.

Blood Contract is about Ken (Kenawari), who left his village in the Niger Delta region many years ago, carrying with him emotional scars. However, he did make a life for himself in the city and built a reputation as a slick troubleshooter in inter-village disputes, of which there were many. He was one of the best operators on the books of the private security firm he worked for.

Then it happened. There was trouble in his tribal home. Reluctantly he agreed to return. Not only has he got to settle a dispute that resulted in kidnapping, and tread gingerly through the political minefield of the region – including local robber barons, but he also has to face the most fearsome obstacles of all – his past.

Blood Contract is not just an adventure set in the dangerous swamps of the Niger Delta, it is also the story of a man who is imperfect and must finally find some reconciliation with his past.

Blood Contract can be purchased from all good online book stores, print and ebook formats. It can also be purchased through IFWG’s bookstores: PRINT and EBOOK.

News: Holiday Reading Discounts Available Now

Just a reminder to those who may have missed it.

IFWG Publishing has picked a number of its best titles and has applied discounts to them for readers to enjoy during the holiday period. It is probably too late to get your order by Christmas, but we figure that after all the celebrations, partying, constructing lego monoliths, etc, most of you might want to lie back and enjoy a good read or two, or three…

The following titles are on offer at a great price. Just click on the tile name or graphic, and it will take you to our shop. The prices are shipping inclusive, and require Pay Pal for payment. If you don’t fit in the target geography, or want combination/multiple orders, just click on the link provided and it will take you to a form (at the bottom of our print catalog) to customise your requirements. We will get back rapidly with a quote – the bigger the order, the better the deal!

Cover ATE small
Against the Elements (Esme Carpenter)
A wonderful middle-grade to nineties fantasy adventure.
Blackthorns Final Revamped Front Cover
A powerfully written contemporary fantasy set in Ireland, exploring the power of love and companionship.
Front Cover Blood Contract 2
Blood Contract (Biola Olatunde)
An adventure set in the Niger Delta, about a man who must overcome the complex obstacles of a lawless society, and at the same time tame his own demons.
Constellation Station (Gary Alexander Azerier and Ioanny Dimov [illust])
A children’s illustrated story about a boy journeying on an intergalactic train, whose purpose is to visit the night sky’s constellations.
Die Laughing front cover
Die Laughing (Louis K Lowy)
A science fiction set in the late 1950s – humorous, tragic, solemn; it has it all, including an alien invasion.
Numen Yeye (Biola Olatunde)
Contemporary African fantasy exploring the parallel worlds of the spirit and terrestrial life in a village in Nigeria. Very powerful story about superstition, ignorance, and power of goodness.
The Sixth Precept (Larry Ivkovich)
Urban fantasy set in East Coast USA, but with strange, intricate connections to medieval Japan.

News: Holiday Reading Discount: Against The Elements by Esme Carpenter

Esme Carpenter wrote Against The Elements as a young teenager, and years later took a chance with IFWG Publishing. It wasn’t a gamble; it is an inspiring young teen (middle grade) fantasy adventure. Something worthwhile reading during your holiday break.

Cover ATE small

Go to the Against The Elements store.

News: Holiday Reading Discount: Constellation Station

One of our publications we are most proud of is Constellation Station, by Gary Alexander Azerier, and illustrated by Ioanny Dimov. This is a wonderfully and richly illustrated children’s book that introduces young children to the beauty and majesty of astronomy, by way of a fictitious train that can travel the constellations.

We believe that young children would love to flick through these pages while on their holiday break.



Go to the Constellation Station store.

News: Holiday Reading Discount: The Sixth Precept/Blackthorns of the Forgotten

More discounts are coming your way! We have two great titles of ours now at super discount prices until early January 2014:


An urban fantasy by Larry Ivkovich, The Sixth Precept is an adventure that interconnects feudal Japan with contemporary Pittsburgh. An exciting fantasy adventure with deep roots in Japanese culture and mythology.

Go to The Sixth Precept store


Blackthornes Of The Forgotten, by Bree T. Donovan, is a powerful fantasy story of love in its purest form, set in an Ireland that delicately superimposes modernity with the traditions of the paranormal past.

Go to the Blackthorns of the Forgotten store.


News: Holiday Reading Discount: Die Laughing by Louis K Lowy

Die Laughing is another holiday reading discounted offer by IFWG Publishing. Louis K Lowy‘s humorous, and yet poignant, science fiction is set in the 1950s, with gangsters, Las Vegas comedians, femme fatales, and the inevitable alien invaders. Saying much more will only spoil the read…go on, purchase it!

Die Laughing front cover

Die Laughing book title store